YABA - USBC Transition

Frequently Asked Questions

What this means to the OSUSBCYA.

There are a number of steps that we must take.  It's here that you will find information on what needs to be done as well as what has been done.  Below you will find some frequently asked questions and hopefully some clear answers to those questions.

Do we have to merge with the state ABC and WIBC organizations?

No.  As a youth organization we are exempted from having to merge with the other organizations.  We will however need to charter with the USBC as a state youth organization in the spring of 2005.

If we merge with the Men's and Woman's state organizations who will be governing the state youth leagues and tournaments?

If we merge with the Men and Women then there will be one governing board.  Made up of representatives from the Men's, Women's and Youth's organizations.  It's this board of 12 - 15 people that will have the responsibilities of being the conduit between National and the individual Leagues.

What will happen to our money if we merge?

This is both an unclear and a touchy subject.  It is our understanding that all money including money that is raised will go into a general fund with the other organizations.  As was stated this is very unclear and we are waiting to see if this is really the case.

What happens if we don't merge with the men's and women's organizations what will happen to us?

If we don't merge then we will stay a separate state organization.  We will maintain our own board and manage our own money.  We will report directly to the USBC as will the other organizations.

Common questions from our youth bowlers.  

If we Merge does that mean we can bowl in any state USBC tournament?

Yes and No.  This one's a little tricky.  If the men and women merge then they must provide access for the youth to bowl in their tournaments.  Where the issue comes in as you CANNOT receive money for placing in any tournament.  They must provide a separate division for the you to bowl in where you receive a trophy or a scholarship for placing in that division.

Since we'll all be part of the same organization (USBC) does this mean that I can now bowl in adult leagues?

If you plan on playing sports in any college then the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.  If you do then you will be considered to be a professional bowler therefore taking away your amateur status.  You will also not be able to EVER bowl in any youth tournament including the scholarships.  This is the way it is now and it will continue to be this way in the future.

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